Melt Your Mans Heart and Save Marriage


The main concepts we will discuss in this article is  how our behaviors or “dances” that we perform in our marriage create distance and therefore make it almost impossible for our husbands to love us the way we believe they should.

5 key steps for Melt Your Man’s Heart:

Follow mindsets, beliefs and behaviors keep women from getting what they want:Marriage

  • If I keep doing/saying this…maybe this time he will notice/hear me.
  • Sugar and spice and everything nice.
  • All my requests make me look like a nag.
  • Don’t rock the boat.
  • He doesn’t think like me…but he should.
  • My husband will never change the way he treats me.
  • He is never going to open up to me.

You should change these bad habits otherwise it ends up being self-defeating behaviour, because we remain stuck in place, not progressing—and certainly not obtaining the positive reaction we want from our husbands.

You must have eye and focus on the point below:Marriage

  1. Why some women succeed when other’s fail
  2. Healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  3. The biggest sex organ: intimacy starts in the brain
  4. The new woman: drive your man wild with the new you.


Save My Marriage Today


One of the concepts that Save My Marriage covers is the idea that possibly your husbands may be lying to you around the REAL reasons they may be looking for a divorce.

Chances are they don’t want to tell you what their real reasons are… for fear of hurting you, for fear of making them look bad, or they might not even fully know or understand the real reasons themselves.

To assist you in discovering the truth and cut through the lies and help to save your marriage, there are several things you should notice like while listening if they say:

  • “I  Love you but I’m not in love with you anymore…”
  •  “We’ve grown apart.”
  •  “You’ve changed.”
  •  “You’re not exciting or fun anymore.”
  •  “I’ve met someone else and I think I love them…”
  •  “I hate you!”
  •  “I’m sick of your nagging!”
  • “I don’t want to be married anymore and there’s nothing you can say that will make me change my mind.”

Marriage Marriage

Sometimes a marriage was never meant to be. Other times a marriage can be saved if the people fight back and use (and develop) the right techniques and strategies. As with any relationship, the key to success is usually about understanding and reconnecting with the core issues and values.